Featured Alumni Profiles

Dr. Emily Boyd
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency — Emory University

“I always like to tell potential applicants that this program is a true on ‘life experience’ and such a wonderful opportunity — you will be able to learn so much more than just medicine,” Boyd says. “UQ‐Ochsner is a fabulous school, in two amazing and unique environments, and traveling around the world is such an incredible and often challenging adventure. This is a prime selling point and says a lot about an applicant when it comes down the line to residency interviews. You are truly getting a ‘global’ education!”

Dr. Chantal Taylor
Rural Family Medicine Residency — Louisiana State University, Bogalusa

Dr. Chantel Taylor studied Biology and Egyptology at Brown University. “My premed advisor told me about this new program. It emphasized a global education where you get to learn and practice under two different healthcare systems, on two continents, with students from all over the world. It focused on a global education and training American students the way Aussies still practice: with a strong primary care focus in mind. So, I jumped at the chance to enter this fantastic new program and was in Australia before I knew it.”