Featured Alumni Profiles

Dr. Aneesh Gupta
OB/GYN Residency — Drexel University/ Hahnemann University Hospital

“The most impactful experience I had in medical school was the eight‐day medical mission at the clinic in La Victoire, Haiti”, says Gupta, an OB/GYN resident at Drexel University/Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia.

“This was an eye‐opening experience into how the vast majority of the world lives. We take for granted the immediate access we have to health care, and it was fascinating to work with patients that had never seen a physician before in their lives. We treated more than 500 patients.”

Dr. Emily Boyd
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency — Emory University

I always like to tell potential applicants that this program is a true on ‘life experience’ and such a wonderful opportunity – you will be able to learn so much more than just medicine,” Boyd says. “UQ‐Ochsner is a fabulous school, in two amazing and unique environments, and traveling around the world is such an incredible and often challenging adventure. This is a prime selling point and says a lot about an applicant when it comes down the line to residency interviews. You are truly getting a ‘global‘ education!