Interview FAQs

What type of interview should I expect?

Prospective students will undergo a semi-structured interview that will assess 5 domains:

1. Motivation and commitment to medicine and to a global medical education

2. Interpersonal communication skills and teamwork

3. Practice-based learning and improvement

4. Professionalism

5. Resilience

When will I be informed about the time of my Skype appointment?

You will be advised of the window for your Skype interview at the end of your mandatory Skype Test. Be prepared to begin the formal portion of the interview at any time within an hour-and-a-half window prior to the assigned time. There is some fluidity to the Skype interview timing.

How should I prepare for my Interview?

• Familiarize yourself with our semi-structured interview format and the domains that will be covered during your interview.

• Notes are not permitted during the Skype or On-Site interviews.

• Timeliness, attitude, and confidence are important for a successful interview. It is crucial to be punctual on the day of your interview.

• Answer each question honestly and give more than one example for each question asked. Be aware of your body language, as it will figure into your evaluation. It is important to sit in a comfortable position and look at your interviewer when responding to questions. You will not be allowed to ask questions of the interviewers..

• If you are participating in the On-Site interview, allow yourself time to familiarize yourself with the hospital campus and parking areas. Punctuality is essential so plan to arrive a few minutes early on your scheduled interview day. If an emergency arises and you cannot make the interview, professional courtesy dictates that you communicate with Ms. Lisa Casey at 504-842-1204 or [email protected]

• If you are participating in the Skype interview, make sure you have tested Skype prior to the interview day with an Ochsner Interview Coordinator and have ensured that your camera and microphone are functioning appropriately. You should have a high speed Internet connection, and your interview should take place in a quiet, professional location. Interviewing from a coffee shop would not be appropriate.

*An advance test of your Skype is mandatory. If you are unable to test your Skype with an Ochsner Interview Coordinator prior to your interview, your interview may need to be rescheduled. Please plan accordingly.

How should I dress for my interview?

Business formal is the standard attire. Remember, the same expectations apply for the Skype interview as the On-Site interview with regards to dress and professionalism.

Where do I report for my scheduled on-campus interview?

Meet at the reception desk in the Academic Center (across Jefferson Highway from the main Hospital; 1401 Jefferson Highway) at 12:45 p.m.

Will I be penalized for not choosing to interview in person?

Students will not be penalized for choosing the Skype interview. We understand the difficulty and cost associated with traveling for interviews and we are sensitive to students with financial barriers. We also understand that technology is changing the way we communicate and conduct business. However, we encourage students to visit the Ochsner Clinical School campus and take advantage of the opportunity to speak with current students or alumni. We feel a campus visit on interview day can be very informative for the prospective student.

How long will the interviews take?

Prospective students will undergo a 30-minute interview conducted by two interviewers simultaneously. Applicants will be asked 5 questions and allowed up to 6 minutes per question to answer.

What if I have connection problems with my videoconference interview?

Please contact Mrs. Lisa Casey at 504-842-1204 if you require technical assistance the day of the interview.

Once I schedule a date, may I reschedule?

Yes, access Interview Broker using your unique scheduling link found in the interview invitation and reschedule at least 15 days prior to your scheduled interview date. If you have an emergency and it is within the 15-day time limit, contact Lisa Casey at 504-842-1204 or [email protected]