Important things to note about the interview:

View the Ochsner Clinical School Interview Orientation Video well in advance of the Skype testing and interview date (if participating via Skype). The video outlines the faculty’s expectations of its potential students and is mandatory viewing prior to the interview.

What to expect during the Interview process

You will be evaluated on 5 Domains in the Ochsner Clinical School Interview:
1. Motivation and commitment to medicine and to a global medical education
2. Interpersonal communication skills and teamwork
3. Practice-based learning and improvement
4. Professionalism
5. Resilience

The Ochsner Clinical School interview format is a Semi-structured, Closed-File (also known as a “blind”) interview. Interviewers do not have access to the applicant’s academic record, MCAT scores, or other application documents.

Applicants undergo a 30-minute interview conducted by two interviewers simultaneously.

Prospective students will be asked 5 questions; one question related to each of the 5 domains listed above, and will have a maximum of 6 minutes to answer each questions. Applications are not penalized for addressing the question in less than the 6 minutes allotted.

Applicants are not allowed to ask questions during the interview.

Notes are not permitted during the Skype or On-Site interviews.

Preparing to Answer Interview Questions

Answer each question honestly and give more than one example for each question asked. Examples may be from areas outside of medicine, as long as they clearly provide a connection to the domain that is related to the question being posed.

If a question can be succinctly and powerfully answered in less than 6 minutes, there is no need to fill up the entire time allotted. The interviewer will move on to the next question once it is clear the applicant has fully addressed the question with multiple relevant examples.

Business formal attire is appropriate for both the On-Site and the Skype interview.