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Phase I: Pre-Clinicals University of Queensland

UQ School of Medicine offers a curriculum with a structure that will be familiar to U.S. students. The program is four years long and students begin after having earned a bachelor’s degree. Phase I (years 1 and 2) is largely “pre-clinical” training and Phase II (years 3 and 4) focuses on clinical training.

The School of Medicine offers a “blended learning” approach, which includes a mixture of large group teaching settings in lectures and small group learning in tutorials and self-directed learning. There is also, a mix of face-to-face teaching, and online support.

In Years 1 and 2, students study each body system once each year. For example, the cardiovascular system is studied in both year 1 and in year 2, covering different diseases each time, but also reinforcing key principles each time. Approximately 10 systems are studied for about 4 weeks each.

The typical structure of each week during the first two years is a mix of lectures, Case Based Learning tutorials, Clinical Skills Coaching Sessions, and tutorials (for example, pathology) and laboratory sessions (for example, anatomy and physiology etc.)

Year 1 has more of a focus on the basic biomedical sciences, and Year 2 has a clinical focus.

The School’s teaching philosophy is: provide clear direction in terms of the curriculum and expectations; work hard as an individual and work well within your study group; provide a mix of learning opportunities; provide sufficient time for your own study.



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