Skype Interview Details

Skype Interviews are held on Thursdays and Fridays

The specific time of your interview will be scheduled by UQ/Ochsner Clinical School bearing in mind the time zones and schedules of all interviewees and interviewers for that day. You will be informed of the interview time during your Skype Test with Ochsner Clinical School.

In the weeks leading up to your interview, a UQ/Ochsner Clinical School administrator will contact you via email to test your Skype address and provide you with the time for the scheduled interview day. An advance test of your Skype is mandatory. Please use the computer you intend to use in the place you intend to be during your actual interview. Think of the Skype Tech Check as a “dry run”. If you are unable to test your Skype with an Ochsner Interview Coordinator prior to your interview, your interview may need to be rescheduled. Please plan accordingly.

The Day of Your Interview: Log in to Skype an hour-and-a-half in advance of the appointment time. Be prepared to begin the formal portion of the interview at any time within that hour-and-a-half window. There is some fluidity to the Skype interview timing.