Student Life

Studying medicine at UQO offers opportunities that are far removed from a lecture theatre or hospital ward. We believe in the value of work-life balance and holistic student well-being. Have a flair for the dramatic? Love team sports? Interested in (more) travel? Our students are engaged and supported in activities and endeavors as diverse and unique as they are, because we believe well-balanced doctors are better doctors.


University of Queensland Medical Society

Each year, the University of Queensland Medical Society puts on their "Med Revue". About 250 student across all four years of medical school, join together to write, direct, act, perform and produce this fun and exciting variety show.

Learn More at http://uqms.org/



The Ochsner Medical Student Association's goal is to aid Ochsner students achieve their goals in academics, research and community outreach through the lens of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and rigor.

Learn More at http://ochsneromsa.org/

"First Do No Harm: Medicine in Society Haiti (Part 1)

"DNA of Reslience: Medicine in Society Haiti (Part 2)