Meet the Student Webinar Highlights

The Global Experience

  • Exposure to 2 health systems (AUS/US), practice of medicine globally
  • Significant clinical experiences from year 1
  • Study Abroad missed during premed years gained via global exposure in UQ Ochsner MD

Phase I - Years 1 & 2

  • Primarily small group study (12 students, Australian & from around the world)
  • Systematic, multi-modality approach to learning clinical medicine
  • Inclusive learning environment for all learning styles
  • Develop autonomy to lead – as you will do as physician

Phase II - Years 3 & 4

  • Main campus Ochsner Hospital Jefferson Highway
  • Numerous other Ochsner Health System sites offer ample opportunities
  • Core rotations year 3
  • Year 4 organize rotations around potential residency, elective
  • Flexibility for off-site elective related to Match application strategies

Research -
Sarah Speaks about MD-Master's

  • Research Higher Degree – no courses, research only
  • 1 Year off after year 2, continue master’s part-time during Phase II, MD full-time
  • Demanding – scheduled milestones
  • Sarah researching melanoma
  • Non-degree research an option – that is Kali’s pathway

USMLE Step 1 & 2 Prep

  • Multiple resources provided within Ochsner program in 1st month of school
  • First Aid essential study tool – UQ correlated curriculum to pages in book, pre-organized questions to study in tandem with system blocks
  • Dedicated course year 2, semester 2 – review content, 3 NBME practice exams
  • Students need to understand their own learning/study styles, leverage and adjust as needed
  • Year 3 rotations help prepare for Step 2, best way to complete pathway of memory: read about it, talk about it, see it, write a note

Match Application Advising

  • Faculty member assigned to students in year 1 stay with them throughout program
  • Seek out as many mentors as you want, faculty very open to mentoring
  • Learn about various specialties via Special Interest Groups, Career Day

Vacation Travel

  • School holidays and breaks provide time for travel
  • New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Dubai, all around Australia

Q & A Topic
How does Community Service fit into student life?

  • Ochsner Medical School Association (OMSA) student group organizes many community outreach programs from Back to School Fest for children in New Orleans to ALS Voice Bank to volunteering in Community Gardens
  • Univ of Queensland Medical Society (UQMS) in Brisbane organizes Phase I opportunities, for example Teddy Bear Clinic teaching elementary children about medical care

Q & A Topic
How do you manage work-life balance?

  • Australians are great at this
  • Schedule allows time for independent study when you are prime for it
  • Classroom lectures stream live, recorded
  • Brisbane safe – physical fitness can be fit in early or late
  • Study outside in natural beauty of Brisbane

Q & A Topic
Final thoughts/advice for applicants?

  • Sarah:
    > Our experience in this program sets us apart, making us well-rounded in the US Match
    > We have great talking points when connecting with patients
  • Kali:
    > We have shared our opinions and experiences; our comments were not scripted
    > Graduates tell us Residency directors want to hear about UQ Ochsner

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