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Now, more than ever, it is essential to seek out educational experiences that lead to greater awareness and appreciation of diverse perspectives. This is especially true in the ever-evolving study of medicine, which aims to solve problems fundamental to all people. As the US population ages, a shortage of qualified physicians looms ahead. The University of Queensland and Ochsner Health System have collaborated to leverage their strengths and resources to the advantage of future doctors who wish to distinguish themselves in the US Residency Match and who wish to be recognized for their social accountability, critical scientific thinking and drive to be global leaders in health care.


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The University of Queensland and Ochsner Health System both have long traditions of academic excellence and scientific discovery.  As an internationally renowned community of scientists and physicians, we are dedicated to advancing knowledge and cultivating excellence in the development of the next generation of scientific leaders. Our faculty are innovators and educators. As the custodians of future medical and biomedical health clinicians and researchers, they are driven by their passion to translate ground-breaking discoveries into medical therapies that will eradicate disease and improve health outcomes in our communities and around the world.

We are committed to offering research training and experience for students within the UQO program, in addition to higher study opportunities for PhD and MPhil candidates. An understanding of the research process and acquisition of associated skills are increasingly vital to doctors in the evidence-based and ever-changing practice of medicine.

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The UQO partnership combines the strengths and resources of two highly regarded teaching institutions.

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Studying medicine at UQO offers opportunities that are far removed from a lecture theatre or hospital ward. We believe in the value of work-life balance and holistic student well-being. Have a flair for the dramatic? Love team sports? Interested in (more) travel? Our students are engaged and supported in activities and endeavors as diverse and unique as they are, because we believe well balanced doctors are better doctors.


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